Monday, December 07, 2015

holiday gift guide 2015

As years goes by, the society is turning Christmas (or Hanukkah) into a commercial holiday where it's only purpose is to buying gifts for our loved ones. Children sees it as a contest of who gets the most presents and even write a wishlist for their parents and complain when the list is not completed on the twenty-fifth when in reality, Christmas should be about spending time with your family and loved ones you don't get to see a lot during the year. Being grateful for everything you have and recieve. 

What I mean is, you shouldn't feel pressured to give something to someone. Christmas isn't about giving material presents. But, in case you want to, here's a guide that might help you out during your holiday shopping!

Every year, Sephora comes out with value box sets containing a tons of different products from makeup to skin care and fragrances. These sets are perfect to try out multiple products without splurging for the full size. Still in the makeup/beauty category, you can go for an eyeshadow palette. They seem expensive at first but paying sixty dollars for twelve to fifteen shadows is a good deal. A nice quality bag is one of the best gift to recieve. If Saint Laurent and Balenciaga are too high in the price range for you, try Rebecca Minkoff. Perfume is always a nice thing to recieve, for woman, my top picks are Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf and Angel by Thierry Muggler.

If none of these are your thing (or already owned) try these mini printers for smartphones. Your Instagram feed can come to life with these. And lastly, following the social media theme, Miss Kylie Jenner's long promised Lip-kits (lip liner+liquid lipstick) finally came out last week. Three shades are available at the moment but Kylie pomised there is more to come. It's no surprise it's gonna make an apearence on a lot of girls's wishlist!

Sans titre #2529

Shopping for guys is (in my opinion) the easiest. It looks like it would be the opposite but it's not. Guys aren't as picky as girls. For nicer gifts, you can go for a watch (Emporio Armani has good ones) or quality leather boots. Everyone needs a nice pair of shows - even guys. Strutting arround in sneakers doesn't apply to every situations. And even if they won't admit it, it's nice to have a more put together/grown up pair of shoes. That's why leather boots are great. They goes with everything and comes in so many diferent styles. You can either go for a chelsea, lace up or dress up style. There's a style for everyone.

Next, we have the perfect techno device: the latest iPhone. For a more personal gift (boyfriend by example) a bottle of perfume is perfect. It can seem boring to some but perfume is very nice to recieve from your loved on. My favorite is Blue de Chanel which you can also get as a gift set. It smelles so good! And if you are one a tighter budget a tee shirt from their favorite band will be apreciated.

Sans titre #2530

And lastly, stocking stuffers! You can put anything in a stocking, literally. Just use your imagination. As I was browsing in stores, I saw brands like NYX, Revlon, OPI, Too faced, L'Oréal came out with pre-made little holiday sets. They're not super expensive and makes an awesome gift. Who doesn't like to recieve fuzzy socks or winter essentials (beanies, mittens and scarves) during the cold season? There's so comfy and keeps you warm during winter. My favorite is gift cards. You can never go wrong with those. All you need if to know the person's favorite stores and you're done.