Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Fierce in bodysuits

Bodysuits have finally made it to the fashion world, yay! They're no longer reserved for ballet or other dancing/ice skating activities. I like their sleek, form fitting shape and how it can easily be the focal piece of an outfit - thing these lace up ones we're seen everywhere this summer. 

Bloggers, models and celebrities took part of this trend over the summer, it was everywhere. Selena Gomez, Gigi & Bella Hadid all stepped into the trend wagon. The music festivals were crowded of these one piece baiting suit look alike. Worn with denim cut off , maxi/mini skirts or wide leg pants. They's so easy to style and throw on when you're in a hurry but they're such a pain when you need to use the bathroom... 

Now that summer is over, it doesn't means they are. You cannot style them the same way you did for the estival season (obviously!) but they're wearable. Layering is the key. With a pair of jeans and a jacket or a button up skirt and tights, the transition is ideal. I have a weak spot for all black outfits when it comes to bodysuits. Casual or formal, you always look fierce and powerful in those skin tight suits!

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