Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Review: Moisture recovery shampoo/conditioner by Joico

Joico is the haircare line that saved my hair from falling off (no joke) five years ago. I was a huge fan of the K-Pack line back in the days but had to stop using due to the amount of products I was dying to try. As I was passing near the aisle of salon haircare at the pharmacy the other day, I decided to give Joico another try but with another line in range. I chose the Moisture recovery one because nobody wants dry hair, right?

I only got the travel size (I recomend getting the travel sizes/samples when you try out a product, you don't waste too much money if you end up not liking it) but it was enough to get my idea on the product. Just like every product I tried from the brand, I love it. Surprisingly, the shampoo feels very moisturising on the hair but doesn't weight them down like most shampoos claiming being moisturising. As for the conditioner, it leaves my hair very soft and isn't tricky to rinse. (I hate when it does that!) The smell is very herbal and calming and the texture is quite liquid-y.