Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Review: Infallible pro-matte 24HRS foundation by L'Oréal

I recently promised myself to not by more than one foundation at a time and to wait till the bottle/tube is completly empty to buy a new one. I prevents me from having too much of the same makeup and waisting my money on things I don't need or having two of the same thing (yes, it happens sometimes...). So far it works and my makeup drawer is thanking me! I had my eyes on this new L'Oréal foundation since it came out last fall (correct me if I am wrong) but its high price (20$) made me a little hesitant to jump and get it. I can almost buy a high end foundation with twenty dollars. I thought it was very exagerated but aren't all L'Oréal products expensive? I waited till it was reviewed online - and raved about - to splurge. I recomend doing that, it can make you save a lot of money. 

The back claims to have a semi-mat finish, lasting 24 hours (I'm a little iffy about that), have a medium coverage and light weight. After trying it, I can agree on a few points but it definetly do not lasts 24 hours. I had it on from nine o'clock (morning) till ten o'clock (night) and the coverage was decent still but not the same as when I first applied it in the morning. Who wears their makeup for 24 hours, anyway? The color matches me perfectly (I use 102 Shell beige) which is a rare thing due to my fair complexion. The texture is quite thick and has a funny smell I can remember what it reminds me of. I apply the foundation with a buffing brush my Real Techniques - which I use for almost all of my foundations. 

I'm glad I spent a little extra money on this foundation and regret nothing, don't let the high price fool you, get it on sale, there's always sales at the drugstore. I give it a 9/10 because it didn't do everything it claimed on the back of the tube.