Monday, September 07, 2015

Plaid once, plaid twice

Check patterns have been arround for a long time. Decades passed and we still find them abundantly on the fall/winter runways. We all know about the classic tartan from the 90s or the lumberjack plaid but what about the other type of check patterns? Just like tartan, the glen plaid (also known as Prince of Wales check) is originated from Scotland. The tattersall was very popular in the equestrian culture since the 1700s and also on men's shirts. Now, a more familiar called windowpane which is still very popular and comonly used in women dresses (or any buisness attires), coats or mens's suits. And lastly, our classic lumberjack print is a gingham check.

Sans titre #2240
Sans titre #2233
Sans titre #2238
Sans titre #2242
Sans titre #2239
Sans titre #2241