Monday, September 21, 2015

Autumn seasoning

Sans titre #2317

Switching season isn't always easy. We keep browsing trough varried magazines and website in hope to find new trends to incorporate into your closet for the upcoming season. It's easy to get tricked and fall down the rabbit hole into the fashion world. There is so mane new trends on the runways but we can't try them all - unless you are rich whic isn't the case for most of us. Now comes September, we need to chose because the shops are pulling out their new stock and the best pieces will quickly sell out. 

My personal tips is to lay out all your basics - make sure you have every basics you need beforehand - and chose five new trends that will a) fits with your current style and b) bring a little fashion touch to your everyday style without overcrowding your current style. You still want to be you, not some fashion-y doll. And most important, never splurge on a rendy item, these are easily sold in fast-fashion stores for much cheaper. 

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Leather jackets are a autumn staple for most of us. Here, I decided to take a little spin on the classic leather jacket and chose one with a shearling panel on the upper body. It adds texture to the (almost) all balck outfit. 

Sans titre #2309

Polo sweaters have been a new discovery for me over the last autumn/winter. I love the classic look it gives to an outfit while keeping your warm. My favorites are definetly the ones by Acne Studio (oversized ribbed, sweater dress, etc) they look so comfy and warm. 

Sans titre #2311

Fringes and over the knee boots are one of my favorite combo this year! To some, this fringes two-piece (jacket and skirt) might bee too overshelwing but its neutral, dark color calms down the vibe. Among all the over the knee boots I've seen, Stuart Weitzman's lowland and highland are by far my favorite. The shape and style is just perfect but the price is a bummer...

Sans titre #2314

In my opinion, ripped jeans goes perfectly with fall's edgy vibe. The dark, moody weather piled with the leaves falling gives a new ambience that matches with the rougher side of fashion. Plaid, ripped denim, studds and leather are all the key to this new season. 

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Walking in booties (or other fashionable shoes) like a top model can be tiring at time. That's what sneakers are for. They've grown on me over the past months and now, I'm growing quite a collection... #Guilty I'm still not ready to commit to training shoes but I quite like the look of Vans or Adidas. They're classic and more structured which leads away from the everyday sneaker look.