Monday, September 14, 2015

August favorites

Gold eyeshadow This month, I've been so busy and on the rush. My eye makeup was only a wash of gold shadow all over the lid and mascara (sometimes a flick too). I'm not one to go for bold colors on the lid, I prefer earthy tones or warm golds (or sometimes pinks from the Naked 3 palette). Since we're in the middle of summer, a gold eye look is perfect and will make you look like a bronzed godess if you add bronzer arround the perimeter of your face, which I've also been doing.

Silkissme eyeliner by L'Oréal Among all the liners I own, I had no black one - shocker. I love how black L'Oréal products are and their staying power is usualy very great. I mainly use it for smokey eye (smudging) since I stopped using liners on my waterline a year ago.

Smokey eye One of the reason I love my Smashbox Full exposire palette is because of it's diversity of both matter and shimery shadows and ability to creane many diferent looks. This month (the last half) I've been into the smokey eye a lot and this palette alone allow me to do a full eye look. All the shadows are great quality and pigmented. I love how the mattes are super smooth which is dificult to find in stores.

Glamoflauge concealer by Hard Candy For a long time, Dermablend by Vichy has been my holy grail correcting concealer but I've been noticing how it was clogging my pores and create breakouts wherever I aplied it. I searched in my makeup stash for something else I could use and found this one by Hard Candy. I found it lasts even longer than the Vichy one and the coverage is pretty much the same. A little goes a long way with this one, though. And it's super cheap as well. Give it a try!

Enchanted wonderstruck perfume by Taylor Swift Out of Taylor's perfume range, this one is my favorite. It's a very sweet scent but not candy-like at all. I highly prefer sweet scent over fruity or ever florals. I don't hate them but they're not my favorites.

Authentic all black Vans I've been outside a lot this month as well as running errands. I was thankfull to have these sneakers in my collection. I prefer them to my pair of battered Converse since they're easier to slip on and go.

Premium denim from Garage I think I finally found my holy grail pair of blue jeans! Garage recently came out with a new line of denim called Premium denim. I've been a fan of their jeans for a long time and recently tried this new cut. They are life changing. If you want soft, quality denim, I recomend you these. They're high wiasted and feels like you're wearing leggings. Their price is higher than the brand's regular line but totally worth it!

The Vampire Diaries I've spoken about this TV show before but I just started watching the other seasons (I only own the first on DVD) and I'm officially addicted. After my Twilight phase I discovered this series and read the books - which I still love. I wasn't a die-hard fan of the series during those years but now that there's more Delena actions, I'm all for it! Definetly team Delena.

The Longest Ride Why did I wait all this time to watch this movie? Another of my stupid decision I guess because this movie was awesome. I had low expectation because of its subject (rodeo, I was clueless for the most part of the plot) but I was very impressed. And I am proud to tell you I had predicted the ending (without reading the book). It's definetly in my favorite Nicholas Sparks movies!

City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare This one is the fifth book from the TMI series and oh my... It was the best so far! I liked City of Fallen Angels but this one was much better - not that the previous was bad. All of my favorite ships finally got together and it gave me major fangirl feels - and heartbreak.

Badland - Halsey I've listened to tons of albums from every genre in my life but no one compares to Halsey's Badland. I love everything about her album. Halsey is honest when she speaks and sing. She sing about real, honest thing even it it's a sad truth. Her voice is very unique and soft, I'm obsessed.

Wildest dreams - Taylor Swift

Taylor's latest video had me screaming at my computer screen. I love it so much. The concept is interesting and have a unique but real ending. Like always, Taylor manage to look breathtaking sporting this 50s look - do I need to mention the black hair? I could go on for hours about this video but I'll limit myself to a few sentences.