Sunday, August 09, 2015

Patchworks & mismatch fabrics

When you hear the word 'patchwork' you imediatly think of old blankets your grandma make with diverse piece of fabrics. And the thought of this makes you shiver in horror, am I right? Well, let me explain this trend a little more and I bet you'll change your mind. 

Firstly, patchwork isn't only for quilts, time passed since that and evolved into something more modern and interesting. Many pieces involving patchwork design made it to the runway last fashion week ( seen majorly and ChloĆ© and Burberry Prorsum) and will soon come in stores. 

No need to go crazy with patterns and color, you can stay in your comfort zone and go for muted colors or keep it monochromatic. Being bold is not the goal. I've surprised myself looking at the new trend over the past weeks and I am definetly a fan. And lastly, you can go for the safest and buy patchorks denim if you're still too affraid, it's a lot less subtile than a bold, loud coat/jacket.

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