Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Let's talk about men!

We all constantly ramble/talk about women's street style but what about men? Women aren't the only ones who can have a fashion sense, men do too. Rare is the time I see a guy wearing something other than jeans and a brand tee shirt but it happens. Here's a few example of men with decent fashion.
Harry Styles No need to talk about this one for too long, we all know he is a living catwalk model. Harry loves and care about fashion and you can see it in his street style. He's always trying new styles/trends and - most of the time - pulls them off amazingly. 

Jamie Campbell Bower After seeing Jamie's street style when he was filming City of Bones, I became addicted with his English rocker vibe. I have a weakness for rocker vibes and foreign accents. p.s. Did you you Jamie modeled for Burberry in past campains?

Luke Hemmings Weirdly, Luke is the only one that doesn't have long hair in this list - which is a total coincidence. That doens't exclude him from the list though. I love his rocker vibe, another of my weakness, haha. Guys that wears flannels or leather jackets have all of my attention. 

Cody Simpson Since dating model Gigi Hadid, Cody's style improved quite a bit. Or course, there's a few fashion flops here and there but who doesn't make mistakes? I love his style when he was staying in NYC, it's crazy how this city has a powerful influence on people's fashion. 

Jared Padalecki You might reconize this one from the - now popular - show Supernatural as Sam Winchester. I wouldn't say Jared is a trendsetter but his style is better than most people I know.  At least he's not always repeating the same outfit everyday. Don't let me started with his beanie... <3