Thursday, August 27, 2015

Animal skin

Just like every fall/winter, the fur is back in full force! I could debate for hours about fur but let's shrink the argument to a short and sweet sentence: fake fur or nothing. Animals needs their fur coat too, why killing them to make one coat? It's like killing someone to make wigs with their hair, it's absurd and cruel.

I love a good fur piece in the colder months. Not only it keeps you warm, makes a statement but adds texture to your outfit. My favourite way to wear it is paired with leather. Yes, leather. They're opposite (fur is soft and leather is rougher) but pair amazingly together. Ex: thrown over a leather jacket or with leather pants and a sweater. Christopher Bailey, Michael Kors and Jason Wu, included major fur pieces in their collection. And wait up, fur isn't only for women, Roberto Cavalli designed amazing coats including fur in his menswear show. As for the highstreet, Topshop Unique had some amazing coats/jackets holding fur details. I'm really excited to see what fast fashion stores will come out with! 

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