Wednesday, August 05, 2015

20 Life lessons I learn in (almost) 20 years

Instead of following the rules by writing a classic styling blogpost for back to school, I decided to step outside of the box and write something diferent. School is not all about clothes - even if it's a big part. (Let me know if you want a styling post too.) To be helpful in another way, here's a few life lessons I've learned trough my few years of living. And to go with that, I'm turning twenty this year - old, I know - so why not writing twenty things I learned in twenty years. 

Be kind to yourself You are your worst criticism. Stop being so hard with yourself and set yourself goals that are possible. Ex: Loosing fifty pounts in a week is impossible. And don't compare yourself to others. We're all diferent and unique. You are you ano no one else. 

Don't have too high expectations Most of the time people will disapoint you. If your expectations are less high, the chance of being disapointed will lower and someone might even surprise you. 

Don't feel pressured to do something Don't let yourself being influenced by others. Make your own choices. That goes for drinking, having sex too soon, smoking, drugs.. 

Forgive and forget Moping over somethingthat happened in the past is not gonna get you somewhere. Let those ghost from the past in the past and move on. It'll only consume you and prevent you from moving forward. 

Nothing is magical Even in 2015, magic is still only in books/movies. Stop thinking everything will happen in one night of that it'll be given to you. You need to make lots of baby steps to get to your goal. That goes for work, fitness, educations.. All that matters is that you reach your end target. 

Have your own opinion and respect other's Everyone have diferent opinions about everything. You don,t have to think like someone else, just like everyone doesn't have to think like you. Have your own opinions about things and respect others. If you want to make other change their mind, try finding points and strong arguments but don't insist, saying you are right and no one can think diferently. 

Learn to say 'no' No one like to disapoint by saying 'no' but sometimes, it's needed. You aren't forced to say 'yes' to everyhting. Make your own decisions even if someone is not pleased, You're not a robbot but a living person.

Surround yourself with positivity Being negative won't bring you happiness. Black all the negativity in your life and surround yourself with good, positive people who can learn you things and make you happy. If you are tehsmartest person in the room, quit. They aren't worth your time. Invest in what's worth it only. 

Don't be affraid to be yourself and never change for someone else Being someone you're not will get you nowhere. All that will happen is that you'll be sad and bad in your skin. Be who you are and stay true to yourself. And if you want to change, do it for you and not because someone told you to. 

You'll never be able to please everyone If you live off people's aproval, you're gonna die of their disaproval. There will always gonna be someone who won't be happy with what you do, wear or are and that's okay. No one is forced to like you.

It's okay not to be okay The sky isn't always blue. There's a lot of rainstorms that will give you hard time and don't be affraid to ask for help. That's what friends or professional health people are for. No one is gonna laugh at you for asking for help. And if you're affraid to ask, tell yourself that you're not alone, someone else went trough this.

Chose money over love This one might be a shocker but let's face it. Being in love won't support you financialy. Life is so expensive nowadays. I'm a huge romantic and believer in love, yet I chose money over love.. 

Happiness can't be found in your cereal box Happiness doesn't come by clicking fingers. Make your own happiness. Don't wait for it to come knocking at your door. Find it in small thngs instead of waiting arround. Be grateful for everything you have and love life. 

Words are more powerful than you think A lot of people underestimate the power of words. Sometimes we say things we don't nesessarily think and end up regretting them and hurting people without noticing. Think before saying/writing something and if you're debating wether to say it or not, don't say it. 

Your age doesn't define you Age is just a number. Your level of maturity can't be defined by a simple number. It's all in your head, the way you think and act. 

Failling is okay You're not going to be successful in everything you do. All your choices won't be the best. Keep in mind that you can't learn from your mistakes if you don't make them. 

The truth hurt less than a lie I understand that lying seems the best things to do in some situations but trust me, I've been there before and telling a hurtful truth hurt less that lying to then discover it was all a lie. 

Don't waste your time with boys Boys only want games. They don't want a serious relationship so don't waste your time with them. This generations keeps throwing up 'I love you's at anyone and crying over high school heartbreaks. Instead, put that energy somewhere else and wait to find a man, not a boy. Focus on your edication, you'll have plenty time to think about them. 

Hard work always pays off Don't be jealous over someone's success, try to cheat to get to your point or give up too easily. Hard work will always pay off. The journey you take isn't important, all that matter is that you reach your goal. No one is the same, no one will take the same journey. 

Step out of your comfort zone Take a risk. Stop playing it so safe. Life if short and if you stay inside your comfort zone you might miss some amazing things. Be fearless and plunge head first trough your fears.