Saturday, July 04, 2015

June favourites


Berry smooth nail polish by Avon I'm so picky when it comes to anil polish. I can pass hours painting and removing varnish, literally. (Not the healthiest foryour nails, I know.) This month, I've been loving berries. I like wearing brighter color in summer but not too in-your-face kind of colors. Berries are perfect for that. I also really like how they look against monochrome pieces.

Glycolic fix pads by Nip+Fab When I heard Kylie Jenner was going to be the new face of the brand, I knew I had to check it out. I was a little septical when I read it was an anti-aging brand. Why would a seventeen year old girl pair with an anti-aging brand? It makes no sense! After a few searches and look at the website, I came to an conclusion that not everything is for mature skin. I was expecting the brand to be a lot more expensive and was pleasently surprised. I decided to try the glycolic fix pads because Kylie recomended them an said she loved them a lot. When I first tried the pads, I wasn't impressed. They seemed to be doing nothing on my skin but now that a month has passed, I relaised I had a lot less breakouts throughout the month and that my skin was looking really good. I also like that there's sixty pads in the tub, they least at least two months.

Blending brush by Avon I was septical when I ordered these makeup brushes from Avon (Avon have a lot of mixed reviews about their products, you really have to try then to find out). I've always been told that brushes needed to be expensive to be great quality. Wrong! I got the Pro eyeliner brush which is double sided and the Pro crease brush. Out of the two, my favourite is the last one. Crease/blending brushes are what's lacking in my collection - they're so dificult to find at the drugstore. I've been loving and using this one all month. The bristles are a lot softer than I expected and actually works for blending - contrarly to other cheap brushes. Get them while they're on sale!


Western style belts I never use belts for it's original purpose - it simple does not work on me. Instead, I use them as fashion accessories. After seeing these bulky, western style belts on bloggers this month, I've developped a love for them. My favourite way to style them is with simple jeans. They easily make a statement.

Mini bag with chain and zips Rebeca Minkoff's bags have been on my mind since a moment already. My favourite designs are the mini MAC and mini MAB. As I was browsing online, I came accross a very similar on from Call it spring for less than a quarter of the price. I was lucky they had it in my local store. I've been wearing it everyday since I bought it, it's just so easy to style and pair with anything, I love it.


Eleanor Calder Like I said in my previous post, one of my favourite style inspiration launched a blog. I went nuts when I saw the news on twitter/instagram and rished to the website, haha. I was eager.. I'm so proud of her for achieving something like that. You can see by reading the posts that she and Max worked hard on their blog. Good job El!


Code F On MTV, there's a show called Girl code and this is my country's version of the show. It premiere this month for the summer and I watch it daily. Every subjects is so acurate and hilarious. I'm not a fan of humor shows but this, it's too funny. Definetly one of my favourite thing to watch during the summer.

Pretty little liars The sixth season of PLL started this month and the premiere had my falling off my chair. I still have to catch up with the show (the premiere is the only episode I've watched from the season.. bad me!) before it's too late and I get mixed up.

Teen Wolf Just like PLL, Teen Wolf's new season started this month. It's my favourite show and I can't contain my excitement for the rest of the season. So many questions popped in my head while watching the first two episodes. Not to mention I almost lost it when the spoke about Alison.. Come back to the show Crystal! Make Scalison happen again.

The mortal instrument I got back into reading this series - why did I even stopped? I read the fourth book in less than a week.. oops. And it's 500 pages (I think). I'm not a fast reader, I'm surprised it happened. Be on the lookout for my review on Goodread soon! p.s. Follow me there!


Flashlight - Bethany Mota (cover)

Wow, I am on the floor, literally. 'Need you right now' was so auto-tuned and not my cup of tea but this one isn't at all. I knew Bethany had talent but I'm still impressed. I can't wait to see more of this in the future! Go Beth!

Say something - A Great Big World ft Christina Aguilera

I remember this song playing in the If I Stay movie trailer last summer/fall. This month, I've been loving making playlists to listen to while I read. It's a little distracting and don't help me focus at all but.. whatever!

When the darkness comes - Colbie Caillat

Warrior by Beth Crowley

This song is, in fact, inspired by the TMI book series. Everytime I hear this song, every words fits so well with the books. I can literaly hear Clary say those things to other characters.

Good for you - Selena Gomez ft A$AP Rocky

Selena finaly released a new song and I am loving it. My playlist was lacking of slower beats and this perfect fills in the space. I like the mix between pop signers and rappers. First Taylor and then Selena.