Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July favorites


Revlon nail polish in Fearless Orange-y reds have been one of my favourite colour lately. I love hot it stand out against monochromatic outfits and it's summer, why not pick out our brightest shades?

Sunny bronzer by NYC This month I've been skipping blush and switched to bronzer. I'm  not a huge fan of bronzer - I prefer blush over bronzer - but it's summer so I thought it was apropriate. I'm not someone who tans easily - I burn instead - and faking it is the best way to not look like a vampire/ghost. I apply it with a multitasking brush by Real Techniques on my temples/hairline, cheeks/cheekbones and jawline for an overall bronzed look.

Skincare After years of try and errors, I think I finally found the right products for my skin. I've struggled with strong acne all my teenage years and my skin always used to look bad. Leaving the house without makeup on was a big no. I read thousands of blogs and reviews on products who should help my skin but never had satisfying results. Recently, I came back to using the Charcoal deep pore cleanser by Bioré. Charcoal works wonders on my skin. It keeps my skin very fresh and clean. I also use the Glycolic pads from Nip+Fab. The latters are the best 'toner' I've used. I thought they were useless at first but after a couple weeks of using them daily, I noticed my skin was really clear and the scarings are less visible. Along these two products, I use the One minute heating mask from the charcoal range by Bioré. It's one of my favourite, I always have a packet in stock!

Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf perfume Despite having a never ending perfume collection, I always go back to the five same. Among them, I count Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf. It's floral scent isn't sickly floral unlike most flower-scented fragrances and is perfect for the summertime. The sad thing is that I have to use it sparely because of it's high price and it's unavailability in my city.


Belts I use belt as acessories instead of their usual use. All my life I've tried keeping my jeans up with the help of a belt and it does not work. I prefer using them as acessories to jazz up a plain outfit or sinple give shape to a sleek piece.

Ankle booties I found these beauties at H&M about a week ago - why buying boots when it's summer? I know. I have tons of black boots but none has an heel. Personally, I think everyone should own a pair of heeled booties. They're so practical and easy to style.


Blogging/Writing I made a decision this month. I went back to my blog's early start and was a little disapointed in myself not only for the content but for the repetitive use of words and small vocabulary. I could go for hours, criticizing my blog but I'm not here to rant about that. It might take time to adjust but I'm working harder on my posts and trying to have more interesting content. Talking about outfits and how I'd style some items is fun but not as informative as I'd want to. Fashion is something I'm passionate about and you can't really see that when reading my blog.

Gossip Girl All my teenage years have been about this show. It's perfect for me. It holds many subjects like fashion, rich kids, wild parties, friendship, betrayal, mistery and love, of course. It was a main part of my life at this time and I kinda grew up watching the show. I reconised myself in some of the characters and that's a big reason I love this show so much. I felt like these characters understood how I felt inside and liked the same things as me - contrary to the majority of people in my school. Back to the show, I highly recomend watching it if you like drama, cute boys and New York!


Karlie Kloss Miss Kloss is one of my favorite model/person. I admire everything she does. From her modeling career, her baking career (Karlie's kookies), fitness. Karlie has achieve a lot of amazing things this year like being accepted to NYU and more recently: her arrival on Youtube (Klossy). I'm super excited to see her video variety.


Ghost - Halsey

After hearing everyone takling/obsessing over Halsey, I decided to give her an hear. I was completly clueless about her when I first entered her name in the search bar. The first song I heard was Hold me Down and imediatly loved it. Then, I moved on to Ghost and New Americana. I'm in love with her style, vibe and sound. It's diferent than what I'm used to (my playlists mainly consists of Taylor Swift) but not in a bad way. I love to open my mind to new genre and make discoveries. I am definetly buying her album Badland at the end of aughst and it most likely will make it to my monthly favorites, kepp an eyes up for that.

Photograph - Ed Sheeran

I bought Ed Sheeran's latest album this month and after one listen, I asked myself 'why didn't I bought this sooner?'.The record is as good as his first one but the sound definetly diferent. It takes diferent direction in the lyrics and beat/voice. Multiply is less heavy in thoughts but still hold some strong lyrics. I love the way Ed writes and say things. He reminds me a lot of a man version of Taylor Swift. Both have strong, powerful lyrics and know how to use their voice on diferent levels to make the songs/album more interesting for the ears. I love how the songs also explores diferent subjects. Love/heartbreaks seems to be the only subject in the music industry but with Ed, there's a diversity. My favourite song is probably Tenerife Sea, I love this song. 10/10 Ed! Can't wait for the next one.

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