Thursday, May 07, 2015

Top 10 tips for healthy hair!

After having my hair dramaticaly damaged, getting healthy, soft hair became a priority. So I started reading online and making my own research. Here's 10 tips to reach your hair goal!

1. Use the most organic products possible. The less chimic you'll use on your hair, the healthier they'll be/look.
2. Only shampoo the roots! It dries out the ends.
3. Double shampoo when you use products like hairspray, mousse, etc (anything that can built up on your scalp).
4. Irons and any hot tools are your ennemy! Let your hair natural whenever you don't need to dress up. And don't forget to use heat protector when you use any hot tools/hair dryer.
5. Wait at least two month between hair dyes. There's a lot of chimical in hair dies and it's not good for your hair. Don't get me started with bleach..
6. Use oils on the ends. Argan oil, coconut oil..
7. Use a pea size of hair mask on your ends if you don't have hair oil.
8. Put your hair up after applying conditioner. Conditioner can cause backnee.
9. Expensive products are not always the best. 
10. Use a Wet Brush to detangle your hair. These hairbrushes are made for detangling and don't break your hair as much as a normal hairbrush would.

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