Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review: Fit me matte + poreless foundation by Maybelline

Earlier this year, Maybelline launched a new formula of their Fit me foundation. The original one was made for dry skin and to go with the matte trend, they decided to make a matte formula of the same foundation. This new one is called  'Matte + Poreless' and is in a blue packaging. They also repackaged the original one in a purple packaging and called it 'Smooth + Dewy'.

Now onto the actual review! The formula itself is quite liquidy but not watery like the Eau de Nude by L'OrĂ©al (another of my favourite). I love how it apply with a brush, wether it's a flat top kabuky, buffing brush or even stippling brush, the coverage stays the same. I'd say it is a medium coverage but not buldable. I tried and it didn't look great. 

I find that once aplied, it gives a sticky feel on the skin but after you add a powder on top, it's fine and not sticky anymore. I love how it wear throughout the day and was very impressed by how long-lasting (at least eight hours) it is for a drugstore foundation. My foundation never stay all day but this one still managed to look flawless when I took off my makeup at night. 

This foundation reminds me a lot of the new one by Lise Watier called Teint Lumiere  I recently tried as a sample but at the fraction of the price!