Sunday, April 19, 2015

Top 5 beauty Holy Grail

  1. Lip scrub I'm sure everyone used a lipscrub in their life but do you use it properly? Well, I wasn't. I've read somewhere that you need to rub the lipscrub on your lip (shocker!) and remove it with a damp, hot cloth. The last step makes a huge diference in the softness of your lips, try it out. 
  2. Hand cream My hands are so dry from all the rubbing, washing and cold weather that they hurts - and sometimes peels (I had frostbites on my hands/feet a coule years ago and I struggle with dryness since the.) I've tried so many hand creams but none worked -some did a decent job but none solved my problem. The only remedy to this painful nightmare was the SOS repair&care handcream by Nivea. I was very suprised by this product. For the price you pay, this is incredible. Everybody should own this!
  3. Blueberry eye makeup remover Everyone has dark circles. And everyone wants to get rid of them. Sure, you can spend hundreads of dollars on eyecreams and other products but will they really work? I have an inexpensive alternative that really do works. I use teh Soothing eye makeup remover by Klorane on a cotton-pad and hold in over my eyes for a minute (just like with cucombers!).It's made with blueberry flower extracts which will lighten your dark circles. The vitamin C in blueberries help in building stronger capillaries and the stronger they are, the less likely it is for you to bruise easily. 
  4. Eyebrow/lashes serum Why spending your money on serums like Rapidlash/Rapidbrow to have fuller/thicker lashes and eyebrows when you can easily make your own lash/eyebrow serum? All you need is coconut oil, castor oil and sweet almond oil. Mix them in a container and apply the mix on your brows/lashes with an old, clean mascara wand. 
  5. Serum/oils Wether it's for the face or hair or even nails, oils is very important in our beauty routine (even if you have oily skin!). When I use oils, I prefer using the more organic ones (for my hair, I love mixing diferent oils together). My favourites are Morrocan oil (hair), Almond oil (nails) and the Vitamin E Overnight serum-in-oil by The Body Shop (face).