Wednesday, April 08, 2015

March favourites


Concealer portfolio profesional correctors by Lise Watier I've never been into contouring since my face is quite angular and already have noticable cheekbones but God was I wrong. After searching trough my makeup stash, I found a concealer portfolio with lots of different shades and among them was a color dark enough to use as contour. I apply it with a brush after moisturizer and apply foundation on top not to make any harsh contour lines.

Soft, brown smokey eye I've been obsessed with Kylie Jenner's makeup this month. I've re-created a couple of her looks but the one I wore the most is a light brown/taupe color all over the lid (M3), smuddges a dak brown shadow (mixed M2&M7) into the lashline with a pencil brush and finished with a black shadow to act as a liner (M1). All these shadows are from matte and from the Full Exposure palette by Smashbox.

Nude nails I've been loving nude nails this month. It's weird since it's the opposite to my all time favourite nail polish color: red.

Skin Renew BB Cream for oily to combination by Garnier I know I've talked about this BB cream in previous monthly favourites but I started using it again this month adn wow, my skin makeup looked really good. It was smooth looking and there was no brush lines or discoloration visible. This BB cream has such good coverage and last all day on the skin. I highly recoment it!


Mirrored sunnies Ever since I saw them on Gigi Hadid during fashion week and various other celebrities, I've developed a slight obsession with these colored morrored lens. They give a simple, casual outfit a twist and make it look like you've spend hours on your outfit when in fact, you just added sunnies.

Gold bar necklace I've been prefering dainty necklaces over statemnets for a long time now but I don't think I ever had one I wore as much as this one. I bought it at H&M for a bargain (around four-five dollars) andit rarely leaves my neck, lol. It goes with every outfits and can be layered with other necklaces.

Scarves These small piece of fabrics have always been problematic for me. Either I never knew how to style/wear it or they were too long and looked odd on my petite figure. But recently, I found a solution! I took all my long, rectangle scarves and cut them in a square shape instead. They look a lot betten on me in my opinion and are easier to style too.


This month I've been obsessing over Miss Kylie Jenner. Her style&makeup are always perfect and not to mention her selfie game is very strong, lol. I'm not a fan of the Kardashian/Jenner hype but Kylie stand out to me. I love how diferent and daring she is wither her style.


Mommy I've been waiting since last summer to see this movie and it finally came out on DVD this month. Just like 'J'ai tuer ma mère', I loved that movie. Xavier Dolan - director and writer of the movie - is good at putting lots of strong emotions in his movies, which I like. They're very diferent from what you usualy see. I could talk for hourse about him and how I love his way of saying, seeing and thinking things but this is a blog post, not a journal.

Insurgent Oh my, don't get me started with that movie. It was so good! I saw it the day it came out and I was more than excited to see it, haha. I was a little disapointed they changed a few scenes but I also understand they can't put every little bits of a book into the movie form. The Divergent series is my favourite book series so I had high hopes for this movie.

If I stay by Gale Forman I don't know why I haven't read this book sooner because I loved the movie adaptation and second book. Just like any book-to-movie adaptation, the book mas a little diferent but nothing dramatic. Mia's family still die in the car accident. I liked that it ended exactly like the film/book. I was disapointed to find a bunch of crap at the end of the book. It was very unneeded.

Fifty shades freed by E. L. James This book is my least favourite from the trioligy. I had trouble finishing this book and it was kinda boring at time. I was also a little diaspointed by the end who contained the mood-killer I hate the most: pregnancy.