Monday, April 13, 2015

How to find your personal style

Finding our personal style is something we all seek. During years we try and make fashion mistakes but I think it's a part of the journey just like failing is a part of life. Don't lose hope after a couple try and errors, you'll learn from these bad experiences and, one day or another, find your personal style.

Find inspiration Celebrities, models, blogger, street style, there's loads to chose from. People that inspire you don't need to exactly dress the same just like you don't need to recreate their exact outfits. Find ones that you like and go to your closet to try and find pieces that could give a similar look. Changing some items is not prohibited. Personally, my style icons are all over the place. It starts from Gigi Hadid, Harry Styles, Audrey Hepburn, Behati Prinsloo, Taylor Momsen (when she was Jenny in Gossip Girl), Bethany Mota, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Ariana Grande, Candice Swanepoel, Taylor Swift and many more.

Make a style diary A style diary is a place where you'll be 'pining' everything that inspire you. You can make them online (Tumblr or Pinterest) or stick pictures on coark pinboard you can instal in your bedroom. You've probably seen ths everywhere already but it truly helps. On there, you'll post everything that inspire you - outfits, shoes, makeup.. It'll be  a place you  can easily look up to and see your style evolution as you try to find yourself.

Experiment All my teenage years I've been experimenting with diferent styles (trust me, I tried everything) which is not a bad thing. On the contrary. Experimenting with diferent styles is the key to find your personal style. By trying diferent things, you discover new things that maybe you never thought you'd like on you or it can be the oposite and find things that you never want to wear again. As you're doing this, you'll find pieces you always go back too and works for you and will slowly but surely build up and start finding your personal style.

Don't put yourself in a box or let anybody tell you what (style) you are Style labels shouldn't exist. You are not, punk or bohemian or preppy; you are you. No one is allowed to tell you what you are and what you should or not wear. Wear what you want and don't stop yourself from buying something because it' doens't fit with your style label. Puting yourself in  a bow will not help you find your personal style. On the opposite. 

Stop criticizing yourself You'll probably laugh when I say you are your worst enemi, but it's true. We constantly criticize ourself from the way we look but we never do it the proper way. We criticise ourself on how we look to others and keep comparing ourself to everybody else. This is unheatlhy and wrong. It'll only lower your self esteem by comparing yourself to others constantly. Sometimes, we do it without knowing which is a really bad habit. Instead, we should criticize how we look to ourself. Ask yourself 'Do I like this skirt on me?' instead of 'Will I look good in this skirt?'. The diference is: in the first question, you ask yourself the question. And in the second, you are wondering what people will think of you. 

Don't always seek for the other's aproval Listening to person's critics is not always good. You have to take some things and let go others. Stop living or dressing for others. Wear what you feel good in and what makes you feel good. 

p.s. There's always gonna be people who will criticize how you look and what you're wearing. If you live of people's aproval; you're gonna die of their disaproval.