Sunday, March 01, 2015

February (and January) favorites


Dark circle eraser brightener by Maybelline This concealer was my firnst time trying a pink concealer. I was always scared to buy one, in case it'd look funny on me becuase it's pink and not flesh tone. Surprisingly, I love this brightener. I have a pale complexion (dark circles looks darker on pale skin and are harder to cover) so finding fair but covering concealer concealer at the drugstore is tricky. 

Fit me concealer by Maybelline Before trying the dark circle eraser, I bought the fit me one. After hearing tons of great stuff about it, I decided to buy it as it was on sale and I was out of my Rimmel' wake me up one. It's a really great concealer and in my opinion is one of the best I've ever tried.

Fit me foundation by Maybelline + protecting light moisturizer by Simple After using BB creams for over a year, I found it dificult to go back to a regular foundation. I now take good care of my skin and doesn't feel the need to aply so much product on my face. Instead, I tried mixing it with my daily moisturizer and loved it imediatly. Surprisingly, I find this combo more covering than the foundation on it's own.. it's weird because it's sheered out.

Voluminous mascara by L'Oréal My miss manga mascara dried out this month and became impossible and disgusting to use. I had been eyeing this one for a couple months now and finally got around to buy it since there was no other interesting offers (I only buy drugstore makeup on sale). I had heard great reviews about it and it truly is great. I love it! I'd prefer a waterproof version but there was none available where I bought it..


Thigh high boots I've been on the hunt for a pair of thigh high boots for ages and still can't find any that fits me and that I like. With my height, it's a little bit tricky to find a pair that won't look odd on me - why am I not taller? My favourites are the highland boots by Stuart Weitzman or the Celine ones: both on the expensive side.

Mirrored sunnies After seeing them all of the street style during fashin week, I became obsessed with them. These definetly make a statement and will be all over for the next season and festivals.

Saint Laurent boots I've been lusting over Saint Laurent since forever but this month, it's been on their boots. (I blame you Harry Styles!)

Denim I've never been a fan of denim anything (jeans, skirt or jacket) but this month I've surprised myself and bought a denim shirt. I've worn it almost every single day - I washed it, of course. It goes with everything. Not regretting this purchase at all.


Blood ties I used to watchign this show a couple years ago when it first came out but forgot about it. I watched the first season again in January and fell back in love with it

Vampire diaries No, I didn't just discover that show - I'm not living under a rock, lol. I've always been a fan of TVD even before the tv show came out (I read the books). When it did, I bought the first season on dvd but kinda forgot about it. I kept telling myself 'I'll watch it later' but never came around to do it - typical me - till last month.

American horror story Here it is, my latest obsession. It didn't took me long to fall in love with this series. I love that each season has a completely diferent storyline so if you didn't like a particular on, you have others options to watch. I was also sad to hear there might not be a fifth season..

Switched at birth I was never a fan of this show before but I recently started watching it with my mum. Well, she forced me to watch it with her once and I loved it. Now, I'm obsessed and watched the entire show from season one to early four.. Oops!

Gossip girl I remember watching this show during my teenage years. I watched it religiously and never missed an episode. I love everything about this show: the characters, the city, their twisted minds and fashion. My favourite character is Blair Wadorf (her and Chuck are my OTP for this show) along with Jenny Humphrey. I can relate to both of them.

Fifty shader darker by E. L. James I've read this book before but since the movie (50 Shades of Grey) was coming out, I decided to fall back into the series and re-read it.

Fifty shades of Grey:the movie Despite all the bad critiques I've seen on the web and other medias, I've enjoyed watching this movie (but not as much as I liked the book). When I first saw the actor choices I wasn't sure. After seeing the movie, though, Dakota (who plays Anastasia) is definetly a great choice. She is hilarious in this movie. I was a little disapointed in some scenes but it was overall a great movie.

Sketching Drawing is something I love doing even if most of my drawings ends up in the trash, lol. I am very picky and perfectionist - if I don't like something, I'll get rid of it. This month, I've bought myself a few new sketching suplies and been drawing lots.


Gigi Hadid This month, I've been obsessed with the young model. Her killer street style fashion has made me apreciate and slowly incorporate denim into my closet. This month, Miss Hadid was named the new face of Maybelline. I can't wait to see her pretty face on new makeup adds.


Love me like you do - Ellie Goulding

One last time - Ariana Grande

Black widow - Iggy Azalea ft Rita Ora

Style -Taylor Swift