Thursday, January 08, 2015

My everyday makeup routine

When I was younger (early teenage years), makeup used to be an addiction. And I couldn't leave the house without. I wore so much on my face, just thinking about it makes me cringe now. Everyday, I'd wear the same thick full ocverage foundation, drawn on brows (we've all been there) and a tons of black around my eyes. I was never thought how to use makeup properly - I thought a bronzer was the same as a face powder and didn't take time to remove my 'mask' properly (or not at all).

Now, years passed and I learned a lot. Wether it's tips I got from watching a beauty guru on Youtube or from my favourites models. I've discovered that I don't need that much makeup on my face. No more heavy foundation or black underneath my eyes. I also got used to my pale complexion. And stopped overplucking my eyebrows (thanks God for that one). Learning to accept yourself is helping you aply makeup better in my opinion. When you know your face, you can put the emphasis on the right places (your best features) instead of wearing a mask of makeup. 

p.s. Makeup is not an obligation. Less is more.

Foundation I rarely wears foundation. I prefer BB creams. They are lighter on the skin. My favourite is the one for oily skin by Garnier. It says it's for oily skin but it works for any skin types and has decent coverage. If not, I use the liquid foundation called Eau de teint by L'Oréal. It's a water based foundation and has very light coverage. 

Concealer For the under eye area, I use Rimmel's Wake me up concealer. It has an anti-fatigue effect and never looks cakey. And for any breakouts or scars, I use the Dermablend line by Vichy. These products are truly amazing. They gives a lot of coverage and can cover tattoos! 

Powder I only use on powder - I've been using the same one for years - and it's the Stay matte by Rimmel

Blush I love blushes! It's one of my favourite makeup to apply. It brings back color into your face and makes you look more 'alive' even in your darkest days, lol. I prefer creams to powder blushes. They gives a better effect (looks more natural) and stays longer on the skin in my opinion. My favourites are by Topshop, Rimmel and NYX. If not, I use a dusty rose color by The Body Shop which is a powder blush. 

Eyebrows Eyebrows frame the face and are one of the most important feature. Despite the big brows trend at the moment, you have to follow your natural brow shape and what suits you best. Not everyone is blessed and born with thick brows, get over it. I use the duo brow powder by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This is a more expensive product but any matte eyeshadow that matches your eyebrows will do the trick. Don't forget: eyebrows are sisters, not twins!

Eyes When it comes to eyes, I prefer a more natural look. It's either a cat flick made with a gel liner or nothing. Sometimes, when I go out, I use the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay or a Color tattoo by Maybelline blended all over the lid as a wash of color. Then, I finish off with a couple coats of the Miss manga mascara by L'Oréal

Lips As for lips, I like to change it up depending on how I feel. For a nude, I love East end snob lip liner by Rimmel. For reds, I like the matte one from Maybelline's recent collection but honestly, I have a bunch. (I'll leave a couple down below)

Brushes For brushes, I use either Real Techniques or Echotools ones and a sponge too (only for the under  eye concealer).